Wildlife seen in the Moray Firth :

Last Update     24/09/2018     "Baby Dolphin just born in firth"



Bottlenose Dolphin family

- part of the local "resident school" of up to 100 who tend to follow the incoming tide, then "play" at the mouth of the River Ness.



A large pod of killer whales (Orca) was spotted at John O Groats harbour (Moray Firth Partnership news) - they are infrequent visitors.


We have regular visits from other Cetaceans--minke, sperm, pilot whales, harbour porpoise, all year round.


Basking Sharks are now regular summer visitors -- we saw one just off Munlochy Bay.













You will certainly see Grey seal, maybe Common seal, and surely sea otters!

 Otter on Cromarty beach.






Salmon, sea trout, mackerel, herring, all await your line, but take care to watch for Cormorant, GuillemotRazorbill, Osprey, Eagle, Buzzard, Red kite                              

  The Guardian:      " in summer, you stand a great chance of seeing cetaceans off UK shores. Richard Sabin, of the Natural History Museum, reports that, recently, blue whales have been sighted in the Irish Sea. In the Moray Firth on the north-eastern coast of Scotland, the most northerly known population of bottlenose dolphins are visible from the shore".

Since 2001, humpback whales have also been increasingly seen in the outer Moray Firth (seawatchfoundation.org). Sperma whales are regularly seen https://www.ecoventures.co.uk/ 

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